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Trapic Emerald: the precious fellow countryman Pablo Escobar

Among the great variety of jewelry created by goldsmiths at all times, items inlaid with stones always occupy a special place. And this is not surprising. The minerals that are mined in the bowels of the Earth are simply fantastically diverse in the properties, appearance and design of those accessories that can be created with their help. It is much more surprising that with all this variety of gems directly precious stones in the legislative list, there are only five – to count them, enough fingers of one hand.

And if stone number one is known to the whole world (of course, it is a diamond), then the honorable second place after faceted diamond belongs to the most mysterious and luxurious green mineral, which in ancient times was called smaragd. Now we call it an emerald. In the online catalog of the largest in Ukraine jewelry hypermarket you can find hundreds of jewelry with this unique gem. And I must say, despite the solid price, these jewelry accessories are especially popular among Ukrainians.

A symbol of pure and eternal love
Emerald has become a favorite stone in ancient times. There is evidence that the Egyptians mined this stone five thousand years ago, in the third millennium BC. Desert peoples generally gravitate toward green, and this is easily explained: when the whole landscape, as long as the eye can see, is sand, the green of plants means water, life and repose.

They knew the emerald in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Then, recall, it was called Smaragd, and the Roman historian Pliny the Elder has several lines about the amazing properties of this stone. Of course, like any important stone, the emerald literally grew into an incredible amount of beliefs. It was believed that his protective power was so great that no evil spirits and dangerous insects can come close to a person who adorned himself with an emerald. Smaragd was also considered an excellent test for kindness and anger in a person. They said that he would serve a good, sincere and noble man as an amulet and help in all matters, but an evil, deceitful master would bring only illness and misfortune.

Emerald in ancient times was used in order to see the future with its help. The energy of this stone was considered so strong and at the same time pure that the ancients believed: in the process of long meditation on the emerald, the future opens. The green color of emerald has long been associated with hope and pure love. In addition, smaragd was used in wedding ceremonies: he guaranteed fidelity and tender love to the newlyweds. No wonder today the emerald is called the 55th wedding anniversary – when the couple managed to live together for so long, keeping love and loyalty to each other.

In a word, the emerald has been and remains a true favorite. What is this stone?

Beryl crystals
Exactly. Emerald is a gem that belongs to the group of beryls. In general, there are many varieties of beryl, depending on which oxides of which metals were added by nature to these stones – and, accordingly, what color they give to the nugget. After all, let’s say, saturated blue aquamarine, golden yellow heliodor, and pink morganite are all varieties of beryl. But the green emerald has broken all records – both in brightness of color, and in hardness, and in preciousness.

A bright green color is provided by emerald oxides of chromium and vanadium. The color features of each particular emerald depend on their bizarre distribution in the thickness of the crystal.

Mission – to refine natural raw materials
Interestingly, transparent emeralds are almost never found in nature. The uneven color can be considered their distinguishing feature – a property that gives smaragda special charm and uniqueness. Often there are cracks on the emerald. That is, “defects” on pebbles of varying degrees of manifestation often do not interfere with the purchase of precious accessories by buyers. Moreover, surprisingly, the price of pure emerald is even higher than that of pure diamond! Here you have the position in the ranking.

Nevertheless, no matter how willing the buyers were to pay a large sum for the “defective” pebbles, they would like to buy more clean, fresh green, evenly painted smaragd. It is thanks to this very understandable desire that the craft of ennoblement of defective gems develops. Of course, such methods in ancient times were very primitive, rude, but today masters can boast of effective techniques that allow to “clear” the pebbles. And inexorable statistics testify: in the markets of not the richest countries (alas, Ukraine, among them), today 9/10 sold smaragds are ennobled. Most often, one term is hidden behind this term – filling natural cracks. There are quite a lot of materials for this:

adhesive silicone;
natural latex;
polyester resins;
silicate glue.
Of course, the price of the final product also depends on the choice of material.

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