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Choosing mother of pearl jewelry

Jewelry is perfect as a gift. Such a present will certainly pleasantly surprise and be remembered forever. But among the variety of accessories presented in jewelry stores, it’s so easy to get lost … Looking for an original item for a gift? Pearl jewelry is what you need! Let’s try to figure out what mother of pearl is, and who can use accessories with this ancient and incredibly beautiful material.

The origin of mother of pearl and the connection with pearls
Mother of pearl is a special material. If precious stones are born in rocks, then it appears as a result of bioprocesses. The organic substance is similar to amber, coral, and its closest relative – pearls.

Iridescent material is the inner layer of the mollusk. It consists of the thinnest scales parallel to each other, scales. Between these flakes is a biological polymer. It affects the color of nacre and gives the substance strength.

Mother of pearl is often confused with pearls. They are really from one “family”, and this “kinship” is displayed in the title of the material. From German, the name of a valuable substance is translated as “mother of a pearl”. If a foreign body (a speck of dust, a grain of sand, a sliver) suddenly enters the shell, then it is the composite that covers the shell that will turn it into a pearl. The substance envelops the uninvited guest, and after a while the foreign object becomes a pearl. When nothing superfluous enters the sink, the substance simply builds up on its inner walls. Given the “affinity” of mother-of-pearl with pearls, these two materials are mined together.

Historical excursion

The beauty of the sparkling shell layer was appreciated in ancient Egypt. Products using this material, archaeologists found in the tombs of noble people. Pearl mineral was also valued in Rome during BC. Emperor Nero, known for his love of luxury, even ordered the walls of his palace to be decorated with mother-of-pearl. Later, the material was used to make interior items that rich houses were forced into. Mother of pearl in the East was particularly popular: in ancient times, it was used to decorate household utensils and arms.

In the 17th century, mother of pearl came to Europe from the warm Indian coast. Here the real pearl fever began. Temples and magnificent palaces adorned with beautiful material. They were decorated with mirrors, vases, caskets and even buttons.

Naturally, an organic composite was also used in jewelry. Accessories with rainbow accents were adored by noble fashionistas – Mary Stuart and Catherine the Great. The collections of jewelry of these famous women are kept in the Hermitage. Among other masterpieces to this day, magnificent accessories with amazing overflows have been preserved.

Today, the fashion for mother of pearl jewelry is back. In jewelry, this material is actively used, and girls are happy to wear sparkling accessories.

Main properties and varieties
The main feature of nacre is iridescent. A sunbeam falling on the surface of a mother-of-pearl product penetrates scaly material and is beautifully reflected. Thanks to the “rainbow effect”, the mother of pearl was recognized by jewelers.

The biocomposite is freshwater and marine, opaque and translucent. It is also classified by color. The hue depends on the habitat of the mollusk, its diet. The most common variety is white, which can be obtained from river shells. White iridescent matter can also cover sea shells, but river mother of pearl is much cheaper.

Yellow mother of pearl also belongs to common types: models with such inserts are easy to find on sale, and they are quite affordable. But accessories with black, pink, blue material can not afford everything. The natural composite of these shades is considered rare, respectively, and is expensive. Sometimes it is possible to get a layer of mixed color from shells: green-gray, violet-blue, pinkish-golden. Non-standard color material is usually used to make exclusive accessories.

Ideal allies: successful tandems of mother of pearl, stones and metals
Mother of pearl products are widely represented among luxury jewelry. However, craftsmen from the jewelry industry also do not bypass this material. And it is used both for creating affordable accessories, and for true masterpieces.

Mother of pearl is a white frame. In any store you can find accessories made of silver and decorated with mother of pearl. These two materials are ideal companions. The muffled brilliance of the metal reveals the overflow of nacre, emphasizes the unusual beauty of the sea or river “guest”.

You can find accessories with mother of pearl and in gold. Usually use white. In such a metal, the iridescent radiance of mother-of-pearl advantageously shades. But mother-of-pearl inserts look interesting in a frame of yellow, red and pink gold. Much depends on the shade of the mother of pearl.

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