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Winter jewelry trends
Fashion - the young lady is terribly unstable. Only we are used to wearing jeans with a low rise and shoes with sharp noses - stop, relearn: now boyfriends (in…

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Winter jewelry trends

Fashion – the young lady is terribly unstable. Only we are used to wearing jeans with a low rise and shoes with sharp noses – stop, relearn: now boyfriends (in the sense of jeans) and all sorts of espadrilles loafers are in fashion. However, jewelry trends also do not differ in constancy: what is at least a sharp drop from minimalism to massive jewelry worth? Stylish jewelry is the same elusive beast as stylish clothing: just grab it, fashion, by the stylish tail, and it will wag it, drop that tail like a lizard, and smile from around the corner – they only saw it.

Therefore, for example, jewelry trends 2020, which offer us popular designers, are also full of surprises. Mainly because they never clearly answer the question: what to wear to be fashionable? As usual, there is no list, and sometimes designers contradict themselves. It seems you can do this, or you can do it, but it’s better to try it out. Conclusions after fashion shows are never categorical – rather, these are tips that everyone is free to interpret in their own way. We will try to do this as well.

Jewelry Trends Winter 2020
As you know, any jewelry serves as an important addition to our bow – whether it is an everyday outfit or a ceremonial outlet. Accordingly, the jewelry for each case should be different: you will not come to the office in the massive chain, in which you lit at yesterday’s party! But there is no doubt: choosing every piece of jewelry for your image is a whole thing! After all, the accessory should be “moderately fashionable”: not edgy, note, namely moderately fashionable. That is, others must understand that you are following fashion trends, but do not go too far with them.

Glamorous contradictions
What trends are considered fashionable in the coming 2020? In short – those that slightly bring us back to the glamorous time of the nineties-zero. Don’t worry, we don’t suggest you wear leopard leggings, varnish your bangs and wear huge plastic Congo earrings. But still, some grace and elegance, luxury and chic – all that we call the half-forgotten word glamor – will have to be added to your appearance. Of course, if you want to be fashionable.

At the same time, fashion 2020 is the most contradictory. You can choose voluminous and concise jewelry, follow clear geometric lines or choose smooth natural contours and natural shades, decorate your ears with barely noticeable studs or a massive incredibly long mono-ear, choose pearl necklaces or shell jewelry. It’s possible that is called all. And while it’s important, it’s not the question of what you wear. The main thing is HOW you do it. Let’s try to fix the main trends of fashion jewelry catwalks of the 2020 model.

“Wrongness” is the main trend of “natural” fashion. Two earrings in the ear, a set of earrings and a necklace, the correct shape of the stone in the ring – who will surprise you today? It looks as if you were very “prepared”, and you are even worried whether you managed to do everything exactly-symmetrically-perfectly. Modern fashion rejects such a dictate of form. Now the content is more important – which means that the form may be deliberately incorrect. Instead of two earrings – one, but more authentic, earrings and necklace from different headsets, a precious gem of a baroque shape in the ring – this is the only fashion today. Slightly careless. Perky.

Neo-Parisian style
Paris is a symbol of grace, beauty, elegance and style. The devil knows what Parisians can do this to look simple, but spectacular. Today, in connection with the request for luxury and elegance, the neo-Parisian style is more relevant than ever. Delicate gold chains worn in several pieces, neat brooches and cameos, delicate pearls – all this perfectly complements our daily look. You won’t refuse the neo-Parisian style of universality.

A bit of grunge
Grunge is almost a street culture, characterized by rudeness, aggression, rebellion. No, we don’t offer you to spit in the streets and push passers-by. But – remember the contradictions? – If the tenderness of the neo-Parisian style is a little fed up, dilute the image with grunge elements. A lot of large metal jewelry (those same chains and rings), earrings of several pieces in each ear, aggressive smoky makeup – all this will allow you to demonstrate a rebellious nature. Just do not forget to supplement the image with at least one delicate detail: this way it will look even more advantageous.

Of course, noble metals – gold and silver – do not give up their positions. They will continue to be appropriate, with gold in various shades (especially white and pink) will be especially attractive. On the other hand, all kinds of “steel” jewelry – from a medical alloy, silver or metal-styled – are also afloat. There is no longer a taboo on the use of different metals in one jewelry, or on the combination of gold and silver. Eclecticism rules the ball! The main thing is that the jewelry should be combined in style.

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