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Charm pendants zodiac signs

A pendant talisman in the form of a zodiac sign is a welcome accessory for both guys and women. Few of us are ready to admit that they fully trust horoscopes and build their day in accordance with the zodiacal recommendations. And yet, the genes of our ancestors, as they say, are indestructible. After all, any jewelry was not just an accessory for ancient people, but a real talisman that served a very specific purpose: to protect the owner from evil forces and give good luck and happiness. Well, and those jewelry that we wear today – aren’t they our amulets? Ask any girl, and she will probably agree that her favorite ring makes her more attractive, and charming earrings help to achieve the desired goals.

But how to choose your mascot? Someone will rely on his Majesty the case and offer to pick up something from jewelry at random, just so that it will attract. But why try your luck? In the world there are absolutely clear criteria that will help you choose the right amulet. And these criteria are nothing but the signs of the zodiac.

Belief in magic is a necessity for an ancient person
Today we are all smart – and this is by no means a compliment, but the usual statement of fact. We have a lot of information about ourselves and the world that surrounds us. Well, if some knowledge is not enough, then a worldwide network is at our service. The world for a modern person should be clear, clear and simple. But … do you agree with this statement? Can you guarantee that you all understand what is happening in the world? Alas, this is not so.

What to say about our ancient relatives! Imagine the panic they had to live all the time, because there was no mention of any scientific picture of the world. What was our ancestors doing? The answer is simple: invent gods, deify the forces of nature. Who three thousand years ago knew that lightning is an electric discharge that occurs during a thunderstorm? No, this is our terrible god Perun is angry with naughty people and knocks on the sky with his staff! And in order to appease Perun and other gods, it was just necessary to carry an amulet.

Any event that occurred in the life of ancient people was associated with the gods: are they good or evil, protect a person or get angry with him. The talisman, the amulet was a mediator between man and God, with the help of an amulet, a person communicated with higher powers.

How did the amulets of our ancestors look like?
Most often, amulet pendants were made of three materials.

Tree. It was considered a natural material, a conductor, which provided an excellent connection between the world of people and the world of gods.
Silver. It has long been endowed with magical power: according to legend, this lunar metal has repeatedly enhanced the possibility of contact with the gods. In addition, we must not forget about the protective function of silver. Now it is proved that this metal has an active wound healing, bactericidal effect. Of course, these properties of metal were perceived by the ancients exclusively as a miracle.
Animal bones. This is the oldest material known to us. The bones were considered a vehicle between the world of the living and the dead, on them even after the death of the animal some information remained. Our ancestors believed: the symbols applied to the bone serve as the best defense against evil forces.
What talismans were ancient people
Our great-grandfathers turned to the gods and asked them for what we are asking today. Everyone wanted to be healthy and happy, financially independent, everyone wanted their loved ones to be healthy, and the house to be protected. It was to these requests that the ancient amulets were charged. Each family member must have had his own amulet, and it was as individual as it is today, for example, a toothbrush. It is impossible to imagine that the father took “to use” the amulet of his son or sister for the sake of joke exchanged amulets between themselves. No, everything was very serious, and nobody dared to break the magic rules.

As a rule, the protection of the ancient runic symbols. They were dedicated to specific deities. These signs were applied literally on everything that is possible: on the body, clothes, dishes, walls of the house, sheets and towels.

Our ancestors had universal amulets, but they were few. A common thing is an individual mascot, because everyone had different “requests”. So, for example, male talismans had to protect male power and help soldiers in battles, it was important for married women to keep peace and harmony in the family, and for girls to successfully marry, conceive a child, bear and give birth to him.

There were a lot of popular amulets, we will name only a few of them:
the god Veles patronized children; for a long time they put a pendant on the kids with a rune dedicated to this god in order to develop creative abilities in him;
A thunderbolt is an amulet that was put on the neck of a man who went to war;
it was important for a woman to remain feminine, beautiful and healthy – in this she was helped by amulets with signs of Ladinets – a symbol of the goddess Lada;
married people revered Belobog: a talisman dedicated to this deity.

Charm pendants zodiac signs
A pendant talisman in the form of a zodiac sign is a welcome accessory for both guys and women. Few of us are ready to admit that they fully trust…


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