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How to choose an engagement ring: 10 important tips

You are preparing for an important event in life – are you going to buy an engagement ring? It would seem that one large stone, high-quality gold, elegant decor – what else is needed? But a thoughtful, balanced approach to choosing a product will emphasize the importance of your intentions. The girl will feel love and care. Each time, glancing at her mate, she will remember your declaration of love.

What ring is given for engagement and what should it be?
What ring is given for engagement
Engagement rings are accessories with one large stone. The method of fixing the stone is different. The decorative element can be immersed in the base of the ring or located above the rim of the decoration (this element is called custom). In the first case, we are talking about high setting of the stone, and in the second – about low. The one-stone engagement decoration is called “solitaire” or “odinarnik”.

It’s best to buy a diamond engagement ring. This stone is preferred from two points of view: practical and aesthetic. Diamond is a strong stone and will last for many years after purchase. Only another faceted diamond can scratch it. It is better to store jewelry encrusted with royal stones in a casket separately.

The other side of the issue is the beauty of the product. Your darling may like topazes, sapphires and rubies, but you can’t be sure that it is this stone that the girl wants to see in the engagement ring.

An important role is played by the color of the metal. There are three shades: pink, lemon and white. A win-win option – a product of lemon (yellow) metal. This is the ring we represent when we think about engagement. White gold gives a feeling of freshness, pink – refined chic and antiquity (our grandmothers wore metal products).

In the most simplified version, the decoration should look like this: an engagement accessory made of lemon gold, with a transparent diamond of small or medium size. The setting of the stone is high.

How to know the size of the ring?
The first step in buying a tapeworm is to find out what size ring fits your girlfriend. If a marriage proposal is not a surprise for a sweetheart, then ask her directly. In this case, you will definitely not be mistaken with the size and there will be no trouble with the exchange.

However, the method described above is only suitable if your chosen one is ready for the offer. But if the words “be with me always” will come as a surprise to her, then you need to think through everything to the smallest detail:

Take a look at what kind of jewelry your girl wears in place of the intended single, what shape and style of the ring she likes best.
Ponder which of the girlfriends of a lover could tell in determining the right size of jewelry. Decide if she can keep a secret a secret? If you can – seek advice.
Another option. Wait until your girlfriend falls asleep. Take the thread and gently wrap it around her finger. Then attach the thread to the ruler and use a special table to translate the circumference into the size of the ring.
Correspondence table of finger circumference to ring size

Which finger do you put an engagement ring on?
Marriage proposal
After the marriage proposal, the ring is put on the place where the engagement ring will appear in the future. In Ukraine, an engagement ring is put on the ring finger of the right hand. Although there are no strict requirements in this regard. You can put the accessory on the ring finger of your left hand.

Decoration is usually worn before the wedding day. Already in the registry office, the newlyweds put on each other wedding rings. Tips on what to do with the tapeworm after the appearance of the engagement ring are different:

Jewelry is worn with a new ring on the same finger.
Move the single to the ring finger of the left hand.
Put jewelry on the middle finger of the right hand.
Save the ring in a secluded place.
Find out the girl’s preferences
Does your darling appreciate uniqueness? Then buy an engagement ring that matches her taste. In this case, the jewelry will not gather dust on the shelf among others: the beloved will often wear it.

Receiving the original jewelry, the girl will think about how my man is attentive and caring. The woman will carry this warmth through the years. Each time, looking at a loner, she will experience pleasant emotions.

To learn the tastes of your beloved will help such techniques:

Consult with loved ones darling: mom, friends, relatives. They will tell you in which style it is better to buy a ring.
If you are afraid that someone will chat about the proposal, it is better to do everything yourself. Think about whether your woman wants to be original or like friends. Take a closer look at your girlfriend’s environment and draw the appropriate conclusions.
Examine the jewelry that your beloved already wears. The chosen engagement ring is in harmony with the whole set of jewelry – that means the chosen one will wear the accessory for many years.
Choose a form
There are ideas about the classics, but do not limit yourself to it. Perhaps it is a ring of unusual shape that emphasizes the best aspects of your girlfriend’s character.

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