How to make gold chains: 8 stages of the birth of a masterpiece
It's hard to argue with the popularity of gold chains. Surely in each of your treasured caskets you will find one or several similar jewelry. They can look completely different…

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The main thing is for the bracelet to sit: we determine the size of the main “manual” jewelry
A bright, attractive, alluring bracelet has long turned from a powerful amulet (and this is how our ancestors perceived it) into a familiar and very important accessory. He is equally…

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Trapic Emerald: the precious fellow countryman Pablo Escobar
Among the great variety of jewelry created by goldsmiths at all times, items inlaid with stones always occupy a special place. And this is not surprising. The minerals that are…

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Jewelry engraving

Engraving is a fairly common method to make a thing unique. Today, technology gives the opportunity to apply drawings and inscriptions to all kinds of objects: from cell phones to jewelry. Engraving will give your gift individuality and originality.

Diamond engraving
This method boasts beauty. A drawing is created by a machine, a whole gem. It cuts the surface of the material and makes the diamond risks that shine and make the work more beautiful. The facets of a drawing or inscription made by diamond engraving play in a special way in the light. This play of faces is ensured by the special principle of operation of a diamond tool with which engraving is performed. Over the years, the inscription does not disappear. The technique is suitable for all jewelry, souvenirs and wedding locks. Modern successful and business people are paying more and more attention to accessories that emphasize their social status.

Laser engraving
Laser engraving on the surface of metals is performed using special pastes and is, in fact, some analogue of thermal printing. Lasers sinter the paste on the surface of the metal, forming a pattern, and do not change the structure of the material. Thanks to engraving, even simple objects gain their uniqueness, special value and attractiveness. Engraving is recommended to be created on objects that will not be used intensively, in which case the inscription will not deteriorate.

Self-adhesive label engraving
A plate with engraved inscriptions of congratulations and wishes can be glued to a finished gift or gift box. It looks like a beautiful gift decoration that you carefully thought out and wanted to leave a memorable inscription. Thanks to the engraving on the plate, even simple objects gain their uniqueness, special value and attractiveness.

Laser engraving on self-adhesive labels

Laser and diamond engraving on a pen
A pen with a beautiful engraved inscription or image will help to create an individual image and style of both the company and the person. A beautiful pen with the symbols of your company can be an interesting advertisement for the company. Probably everyone would like to have such a pen. Such accessories are very interesting and bright, they stand out from the crowd, do not go out of fashion. An engraved pen will be the thoughtful culture of any enterprise. If you want to present an expensive and original pen to someone from your work colleagues or relatives for the holiday, then diamond engraving will give this gift individuality and originality.

Laser and diamond engraving on a pen

Laser and diamond engraving on watches
A watch is a rather expensive gift, the choice of which must be approached carefully. To make the watch look like a memorable gift, use laser and diamond engraving. Engraved inscriptions look good for an hour.
Laser and diamond engraving on watches

Engraving on silver spoons and cutlery
A spoon is an urgent, everyday object of every person, a symbol of the transition from cave culture to a culture of nutrition of civilization. A silver spoon – made of noble and precious metal, is a symbol of quality, strength and beauty, it is a memory of the baby’s first feeding, of the first delicious food. Silverware has always been collected and cherished; it is carefully passed down from generation to generation.

A small silver spoon is perhaps the most popular gift for a child in the first year of life. Most often, they give it to the baby for the first clove, and a children’s silver spoon can also be a good gift from the godparents on the christening of the child.

Silver spoon engraving

On a children’s silver spoon, you can engrave the name of the baby, the date of baptism or the date of the name day, as well as from whom such a gift. Engrave on the spoon with the watch – weight, height, time, date, name of the child. Named tableware is a wonderful and practical gift that does not gather dust on a shelf, but is used daily for many years of life. Parents of the child will undoubtedly appreciate such a practical gift, and the health benefits of daily use of silver are undoubted.

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