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Charm bracelet

The bracelet with charms at the peak of popularity has been around for many seasons, and it seems that the trend is not going to lose ground. The product is worn by star fashionistas and ordinary girls. The bracelet helps to add a “twist” to the image, emphasizes the individuality of the owner. What is a charm? How to choose the right elements for the bracelet? How to wear jewelry? Let’s try to understand the intricacies of a trendy product.

Appearance story
Pendant charm – jewelry with a long history. The first such products are 75 thousand years old. Ornaments were then made from clay, bones, sea shells. Pendants were worn on the neck or on the arm. It was believed that such an accessory has magical powers and is able to protect the owner from any adversity. Later, ivory pendants began to be cut, and in the Bronze Age charms were made of precious metal and stones. Naturally, only noble people wore charms with minerals: the product indicated the status of the owner.

In ancient Egypt, charms served as a talisman capable of driving away evil spirits. The pendants for the bracelets the Egyptians poured out of pure gold. Such decoration was necessarily put on the hand of the deceased. It was believed that according to the figures on the bracelet, the gods of the underworld determine where to send the soul.
In the era of knights, charms with a coat of arms were popular. According to the suspension, it was possible to determine belonging to the family, financial situation, status. In the 18th century, the fashion for bracelets with components took on new dimensions. Queen Victoria became a trendsetter: she had a bracelet on which miniature medallions with portraits of members of the British royal family were strung.
Massive love came to bracelets with pendants in the 70s. Hippies loved such jewelry, and their culture was incredibly popular at that time. True, hippie charm was made manually: coins, threads and other improvised materials were used.

Pandora and near Pandora: the story of a new time
The real boom in the set of bracelets began with the development of the Pandora brand. The trademark was invented by a couple from Denmark. In the beginning of the 80s, the Enivoldsen couple opened a boutique with accessories brought from Thailand. But five years later, the store owners decided to change the concept. They invited the famous jewelry designer Lone Frandsen and set her the task: to create an accessory that would become a visiting card brand and fundamentally different from existing models.

Frandsen studied the market and realized that the girls were tired of traditional jewelry similar to each other. Fashionistas want individuality and exclusivity. So a typeset bracelet was invented, which was destined to win the hearts of millions of girls. The innovation of the idea was that the owner of the jewelry herself became the designer of her accessory.

At the presentation of the novelty, the owners of the brand told what the name is for a bracelet for charms (base), how to assemble a set of pendants, showed what kind of charms are (thematic, abstract, from different materials). The “chip” of the brand was the idea of ​​collecting memories on the wrist: that is, choosing charms that would remind of an important event. Later, the brand clarified the concept a bit: it is not necessary to associate charms with a date, but individuality is first and foremost.

Types of bracelets from Pandora have gained immense popularity, they are worn by fashionistas around the world. This is truly an exclusive jewelry, but there is one “but”: the bracelet itself and the charms from Pandora are decent. To collect your unique accessory, you will have to lay out a round sum of money, and most of the amount is the brand fee.

Many fashionistas, not wanting to overpay, choose typeset bracelets “under Pandora” from domestic jewelers. Often accessories in the style of a Danish brand are not inferior to the original in either quality or aesthetics. The main difference between charms is the absence of a logo on the edge. And, of course, the price: the cost of replicas allows everyone to join the fashion trend.

The secret to the popularity of charm bracelets
Charms bracelets have gained immense popularity for a reason. The accessory has a “twist” that distinguishes it from other jewelry. The secret of the love of millions of girls to such bracelets lies in a number of features of the product:

Individualization. Charms are an opportunity to declare to the world about your interests, views, preferences. The thematic variety of suspensions allows you to maximize individualization of jewelry. And what girl does not like exclusive accessories? You can collect a bracelet, focusing on your taste, or create a whole personal story by buying themed charms on the occasion of an important event.
Modular design. Decoration is never boring. And all thanks to the special design. The bracelet can be regularly supplemented with new elements, change parts, create new combinations of beads. Each time, the accessory will look like new.
Universality. The bracelet with charms fits easily into the image. If the beads are harmoniously combined with each other, then the decoration will be a great addition to the outfit, designed in any style.

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