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Clasp in a million: choose earrings with a high-quality lock
If you try to create a jewelry rating, various types of earrings in this top will surely be in the first or second places. This is not surprising: sometimes we…

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Clasp in a million: choose earrings with a high-quality lock

If you try to create a jewelry rating, various types of earrings in this top will surely be in the first or second places. This is not surprising: sometimes we pierce the ears of infants who have not yet reached even a year. And the choice of both female and male jewelry for “adult” ears can only be envied. Without exaggeration, you can find for yourself such earrings as you want. And one more. And further.

And here, beautiful women, blinded by the beauty of an accessory they like, often have one very insidious effect. Agree, as a rule, we only think about one thing: what will it look like? Will a new accessory decorate me? No words: this is really the most important question. But he is far from the only one. The second, as if arising from the first, should certainly be the following: what is the earring clasp that I liked? Will it be convenient and reliable? There are no particular difficulties here. It is simply important for you to find a balance. Is the fastener too tight? Inconveniently. Too loose? Dangerously. Truth, as often happens, is somewhere in between.

That is why you need to spend a little time in order to find out what are the clasps on the earrings. Only in this way you can choose not only a beautiful, but also a reliable model. Let’s get it right.

Top 7 most reliable earring locks
The main types of clasps on earrings are probably known to you, even if you do not know their names. Many of them, as they say, come from our childhood. Others have become popular just now.

The “reliability scale”, which we will talk about, is, of course, a subjective thing. But it is based on the opinions of thousands and thousands of girls who do not part with earrings for a single day. So, it is quite possible to trust her.

You will not find earrings with locks in the form of a loop, clips and similar not the most reliable options in this top. Here are only the best clasps that will allow you to keep calm for your health and the safety of your earrings.

Description. Very popular clasp. Previously, such earrings were inserted into freshly pierced ears, since this lock guaranteed reliable fastening and at the same time the decoration remained very convenient for most girls and women. Such a lock has two parts:

shvenza – a part that passes under the lobe, then bends up and clings to the hook.
A light touch of the fingers on both sides is enough to lock the pin. A guarantee of the correctness of the procedure will be a quiet click.

The clasp part of the earring looks like a continuation of the decorative part of the decoration, and therefore such an accessory is synonymous with elegance and beauty. As a rule, such earrings are encrusted with precious or semiprecious stones, sometimes pendants are added.

Recommendations Please note that in this product you will not be able to adjust the distance from the lobe to the fastener (both in length and in width). For most people, this is not a problem. But if you have a sufficiently thick or thin lobe or a high puncture is made, wearing earrings with an English lock can cause discomfort.

French castle
Reliability. 4 out of 5.

Description. This clasp looks very elegant. In fact, these are two loops, one of which (smaller) is threaded into the other, arched. Very durable earring clasp. At the same time, it is very light and when worn, it will definitely not rub, crush or cause discomfort of a different kind. And even if the elegant loop is unfastened, the earring will still be extremely difficult to fall out of the ear, so the chance of losing it is minimal.

True, a lot of controversy arises about the absolute reliability of the French castle. Not everyone considers it strong enough, and several examples are given to prove their own thoughts:

if the loop on the lock is weak enough, then it can easily jump off the large loop;
if you have long hair, they can get tangled in several loops and the earring will open;
if you wear sweaters or turtlenecks, there is a high risk of unfastening the lock.
Fans of the French clasp object: even if the loop is unfastened, the chance of losing it is minimal. The design of the earring is designed so that it will almost certainly remain in the ear.

Recommendations Due to the two most important characteristics – lightness and reliability – this lock is also recommended to be used not only for women, but also for children. Just be careful! Sleeping or playing sports in such an adornment can be problematic: any accidental clicking on the French loop can easily deform the earring and bring you unpleasant sensations.

Italian castle
Reliability. 5 out of 5.

Description. Another champion in reliability. At the same time, such a lock not only holds firmly to the ear, but is also very convenient. The fact is that here the main drawback of the English fastener is solved. In the case of the Italian castle, you can easily adjust the distance from it to the earlobe and thus choose an individual, only suitable distance for you.

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