Beauty in imperfection
For lovers of beautiful jewelry, diamonds are a scattering of beautiful stones, bewitching with a play of light and capable of decorating every woman. For jewelers, diamonds are always a…

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Pomegranate: one but fiery passion
Garnet gemstone is without a doubt the favorite of many women. This semiprecious mineral literally captivates with its magical sparkle and attracts with its romance and passion. Well, if you…

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Real emerald vs fakes
One of the most beautiful and mysterious gems is considered an emerald. Royal stone and stars adore magnificent stone. The mineral is considered a symbol of power, wealth and wisdom.…

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Life in color: what are they – multi-colored diamonds

They captivate with their beauty. They give fabulous money at auctions. All fans of jewelry accessories dream of them. The richest people in the world arrange a “hunt” for them. All of these are colored diamonds. Where do fancy color diamonds come from? Why is everyone going crazy with such pebbles? Which specimens are considered the most expensive? Let’s try to figure it out!

History of colored diamonds
For a long time, diamonds, which had an interesting shade, were deprived of the attention of jewelry connoisseurs. They were confused with other minerals – corundum, quartz and other pebbles. When the scale of mineralogical hardness appeared and the methods of “age” analysis of minerals were developed, it became clear that not only transparent but also colored diamonds can be found in nature.

Jewelers began to use the concept of “fantasy diamonds” only at the end of the 20th century. Then the color versions of the “royal stone” and gained unprecedented popularity. 1987 is considered the “finest hour” of fantasy pieces. It was then that an auction was held in New York, at which a colored diamond was first appreciated. For a red pebble, the weight of which almost reached a carat, the buyer laid out a million dollars. This was a signal to the world about the beginning of a new era in jewelry: fantasy stones climbed the pedestal, and the more colorful the color of the diamond, the better.

Soon after the landmark event, jewelry houses launched high-profile companies that advertise jewelry with bright diamonds. And since then, multi-colored diamonds have supplanted colorless ones and become the main symbol of luxury.

Colorless diamonds: are they colorless?
If you ask an inexperienced person what color a diamond is, he will be very surprised at this question. After all, many are used to the fact that the diamond is colorless, with crystal transparency. In fact, pebbles of “pure water”, that is, perfectly transparent, are extremely rare. Naturally, they are very expensive.

Those pebbles that we see in mid-range jewelry are almost transparent. If you look closely, their faces shimmer with barely noticeable brown color or turn yellow. The intensity depends on impurities. There is a special table of color and clarity of diamonds, which determines the cost of pebbles. However, the average buyer will not be able to distinguish the shades adjacent to the table: the difference in semitones is so small. The color chart of diamonds is designed for experts: here they can see the slightest tint vibrations of classic pebbles.

What color does natural diamonds have?
Fantasy diamonds look spectacular and amaze with their beauty. But not only aesthetics are due to the high cost of such instances. Bright natural diamond is a rare find. And if at the same time he also retained his transparency, then the price increases many times. There is a color scale for diamonds: among two pebbles of the same shade, the one that is brighter will be more expensive.

The fancy diamond palette is impressive. What color are diamonds formed in nature? Absolutely different!

Brown diamonds. Such fantasy pebbles are considered one of the cheapest. Hue diamonds got thanks to the iron in the composition. It should be understood that brown to brown discord: cognac-colored diamonds, chocolate, champagne-colored diamonds, amber – a lot of options. Saturated shades are naturally valued higher.
Yellow diamonds. In the ranking of fancy diamonds, yellow diamonds occupy a low line. And all because there are a lot of them. The yellowness of the pebbles is due to the presence of lithium.
Blue diamonds. These are very beautiful and rare stones. A blue diamond can cost millions. Shade provides aluminum. The more this element in the composition, the richer the color of the pebble, and therefore – they evaluate it higher.
Blue diamonds. Many would like to have such a pebble, but, alas, such instances are extremely rare, so there is a whole fortune right. Magnificent marine color gives bromine to diamond.
Pink diamonds. Very spectacular, extremely expensive. A beautiful color forms manganese when it enters the crystal lattice of a mineral. Only pink diamonds, the color of which does not go brown, are considered to be elite specimens.
Violet. The owner of such a pebble is lucky. An instance is extremely rare, it costs fabulous money and its beauty is truly magical – there is something to envy. Intense violet color pebbles awarded hydrogen.
Greens. A rare “guest” in nature, which is why it is expensive. Chromium, which is responsible for Zelentsy, falls into the diamond infrequently. Museums or millionaire collectors own green diamonds.

Reds. They are so rare that they are considered literally a curiosity. Here is the answer to the question, what is the most expensive diamond color. Pure scarlet specimens are a real luxury. But if brown or pink is added to red, then the pebble is already less valued.
Black diamonds. This is a unique type of fantasy diamonds.

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