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Diamond Cut Shape

Choosing jewelry with precious accents is always a daunting task. Especially if you have such a unique and expensive inlay as a faceted diamond. What types of stone cutting do exist? How to decipher the characters printed on the tags? What determines the price of jewelry? How to insure yourself against a fake? Is there a reliable way to check if the stones are real? Why are some large diamonds cheaper than small ones? What to look for when choosing the right shape for cutting a diamond? There are extremely many questions, and finding answers to them is not always easy. That is why, before buying a faceted diamond, it is very important to carry out preparatory work and find out how to make a successful purchase.

More valuable than
The value of a diamond was already well known to our distant ancestors. The diamond before cutting is an ordinary diamond, that is, solid carbon, the reserves of which on our Earth are almost unlimited. Diamonds are of volcanic origin, they rise to the surface of our planet after the eruption of volcanoes. Huge pressure and high temperature – it is under these conditions that the future diamond is formed. Therefore, it is not surprising that after hardening this stone becomes the hardest on the planet. But despite the great prevalence of this mineral, not every diamond is suitable for jewelry. A diamond without a facet looks no more expensive and no more attractive than any other pebble. To cut it and make it play in the light, you need not only the gold hands of the jeweler. You also need the original quality of the gem, its suitability in order to become a real king among precious stones. That’s why a diamond is so expensive, because it comes to us with such difficulty.

If in the old days only royal people and noble aristocrats could decorate themselves with diamonds, then from the century before last this stone has become much more affordable. The success was consolidated thanks to a well-tested advertising campaign that the Americans organized in the 20th century, after the end of World War II. Since then, the concepts of eternal love, marriage and the “eternal” stone have become inseparable, and getting a diamond ring on the day of engagement has become a cherished dream of most girls on the planet.

Now it is the diamond ring that leads the top jewelry with this stone. Earrings, pendants and pendants with faceted diamonds are considered slightly less popular, but still in demand. But the bracelets for some reason are sold much less frequently, although they look no less stunning.

The main factors for choosing diamonds

Each real diamond that you are going to buy can be characterized thanks to the so-called “4C rule”. The most respected organization associated with diamonds – the Gemological Institute of the United States – came up with this scale. According to her, there are four main criteria for assessing the quality of diamonds. In English, all these words begin with the same letter C, hence the name of the rule is 4C. What criteria are we talking about?

The weight of the stone (carat).
Its purity (clarity).
The color of the mineral (color).
Cut diamonds (cut).
It is difficult to say which criterion is more important than the others. Only a harmonious combination of them can give you a beautiful diamond for a reasonable price. But experienced jewelers know: you always have to compromise, sacrifice something – whether by weight, purity or color. So, say, two diamonds that are absolutely identical in weight can differ significantly in price if one of them is cleaner than the other. Cleanliness is estimated by the number of inclusions, discoloration, the presence of spots, cracks, chips. The cleaner the stone, the more expensive it is. And size, for example, can play a much smaller role than cleanliness.

One of the most important factors affecting the price and appearance of a diamond can be considered the form of cutting stones. The radiance of the stone ultimately depends on the shape of the gem, how exactly the jeweler will cut it, choosing the ratio, configuration and angle of the faces of the mineral correctly. But it is the play of light that distinguishes a diamond from all other stones. Therefore, the choice of cut can be considered the most important criterion with which you need to decide before buying a diamond.

Diamond Cutting: Similarities, Differences, Applications
So, we have decided that it is the cut that is considered the most important criterion for the cost and attractiveness of a cut diamond. According to experts, one and the same diamond cut perfectly and poorly can have a price difference of about 30%. Accordingly, the ability to choose the correct faceting of the stone is perhaps the most important of those that you would be nice to master before buying faceted diamonds.

Why is cutting so important?
For a diamond, facet processing is a fundamental criterion, since only a correctly executed procedure can “revive” a stone, reveal its beauty and charm. For diamonds, it works like no other stones. There are two types of cuts.

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