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Unusual jewelry in questions and answers

If you follow fashion a little, then you probably know that now literacy is welcomed literally in everything. The jewelry sector has long ceased to be conservative and is actively responding to trends. Unusual jewelry for girls appears in collections of world jewelry houses with enviable regularity. Moreover, if some non-standard accessories are designed to emphasize the individuality of the owner, without violating the generally accepted canons of style, then the latter will shock at all with their outrageousness. will help you figure out where the line is drawn between “original” and “too original”, and tell you how to wear non-standard jewelry so as not to be awarded the title of “freak”.The most daring jewelry fantasies: top 6 truly unusual jewelry
It would seem that today it is already impossible to surprise anyone with unusual accessories. What forms and combinations of materials are not found! But it seems that the fantasy of jewelry masters is endless. What are only 6 unusual jewelry, which will be discussed below.1. Diamond ring

Girls love diamonds, so jewelry is most often encrusted with these stones. But the Shawish brand decided to go further: in 2011, the company’s masters created a truly unique accessory – a ring completely made of a huge whole diamond. A diamond accessory was obtained thanks to the use of a high-precision laser. Such a masterpiece is worth a fabulous amount – $ 70 million. It is not known how comfortable it is to wear a diamond ring, but it looks impressive.

2. A meteorite ring

What could be cooler than carrying a piece of the universe on your finger? Many masters are inspired by the cosmos, so the ring with a meteorite interspersed does not exist in a single copy, but each model is unique. Usually jewelry is made of gold, the insert can be of any shape. Such accessories look unusual. Both girls and boys can wear them.

3. Pendants with teeth

Strange jewelry is increasingly found in the collections of jewelers. Sometimes weirdness takes an eerie turn. For example, designer Paulie van der Glass from Australia came up with pendants with human teeth. She makes the basis of jewelry from silver, and then inserts teeth into the frame. Australian jewelry is so popular that she is already thinking about a whole industrial line. Recently, rings with teeth appeared in the master’s collection. I wonder where the designer takes those same teeth?

4. Ring cache

The idea of ​​stash jewelry is not new: even in ancient times, noble people ordered rings for themselves, under whose cabochon poison could be hidden. The British craftsmen from Theo Fennell jewelry house, apparently, were inspired by the ideas of unpredictable accessories and released their interpretations of ring-stashes.

There are several jewelry options. Each product has its own surprise. For example, having thrown back the upper part of the ringlet made in the form of an Egyptian pyramid, you can see the sarcophagus of the pharaoh, and even get the mummy out of it. Inside the ringlet, resembling a beehive in shape, a bee from a precious metal hid.

5. Garden Decorations

Sarah Hood, while creating a new collection of jewelry, was looking for ideas in nature. The designer wanted to be inspired by natural forms and lines, but suddenly she came up with a non-standard idea: what if we combine natural materials and precious metals? So there were unusual decorations, decorated with twigs, grass, moss.

On Sarah Hood accessories real gardens come to life. Rings, necklaces, earrings with natural materials look unusual, but at the same time stylish. True, it is not known how comfortable it is in such accessories.

6. Decoration-tear

Not everyone dares to dare to try on such a decoration. A custom product was invented by Eric Klarenbig. The designer wanted to create an accessory that would definitely be exclusive. And he succeeded.

The jewelry, in fact, consists of a single crystal or a scattering of small diamonds that are mounted on a medical wire. She, in turn, attaches to the contact lens, and the lens is inserted into the eye. The end result is a tear effect.

Such an accessory looks very non-standard. The image with the original decoration becomes sad, because it seems like a person is crying. But it is impossible to take your eyes off the brilliance of diamonds!

When the unusual becomes familiar: we learn to wear original trendy accessories
Unusual jewelry is the main trend of recent seasons. Of course, extravagant pendants with teeth or jewelry-tears remain exclusively designer finds. But it is enough to look around you on the street to make sure that fashionistas choose non-standard accessories. True, over time, we get used to the original products, and they already seem familiar. Especially against the backdrop of fancy accessories that amaze world designers. But if you want to add a “zest” to the image, then you should definitely get some fashionable unbanal jewelry. And most importantly – learn how to wear it correctly.


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