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Top 6 stones for Aquarius
You can choose jewelry in different ways. Someone focuses on the style, someone on the cost, and someone on the zodiac sign. It is important to take into account the…

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Top 6 stones for Aquarius

You can choose jewelry in different ways. Someone focuses on the style, someone on the cost, and someone on the zodiac sign. It is important to take into account the zodiac constellation if you want to get not just a stylish accessory, but a real talisman that can change a person’s life and correct negative character traits. Each sign has its own gem. Let’s try to figure out which stone is suitable for Aquarius, and with which minerals it will not work out with an air sign of friendship.

Brief description of the mark
Aquarius is considered to be the most creative zodiac sign. And the most friendly, perhaps. They live in their ideal world, where the first place is not material wealth, but spirituality, communication with friends, the search for philosophical truths and their own path. Greed, envy, anger for the representatives of the sign does not exist.

The weak point of Aquarius is excessive gullibility, which borders on childish naivety. Because of this character trait, they often suffer: representatives of the sign are quickly fascinated by people, and then their offenses are painfully endured. Aquarians tend to build pipe dreams. They can spend hours talking about grandiose plans, but they don’t do anything to get closer to what they want.

The main talismans
Choosing stones for Aquarius, astrologers take into account the characteristics of the character of the sign. The amulet should not only bring good luck and make the owner happy, but also smooth out the “sharp corners” of nature. This sign has many amulets among the stones. It is best to approach the choice individually, given the nature of a particular Aquarius, his dreams and aspirations, because each stone has a unique energy and magical properties.

Each sign has a main protector among minerals. The main stone of Aquarius is light sapphire. He is primarily responsible for the health of the owner. A rock:

improves overall health;
relieves insomnia;
accelerates metabolism;
relieves pain syndromes;
treats heart ailments.
The man who owns sapphire forever forgets what depression is. This is important for Aquarius, who are often disappointed in people, and after a long time come to their senses. With sapphire, the representative of the sign will always be in a good mood.

The stone protects from the evil eye and unpleasant situations, helps to achieve the location of others. Thanks to the mineral, Aquarius will believe in himself: this will positively affect his career and prosperity. The stone will attract mutual love, help build a strong family. In a word, with such an amulet, all spheres of Aquarius’s life will change for the better.

The gem is considered a symbol of friendship. Aquamarine will help preserve the most valuable for Aquarius – true friends. In addition, he will contribute to the meeting with the “second half”. The stone protects from deception, which is especially important for a gullible sign. The talisman will overcome the eternal laziness of Aquarius: the owner of the stone will begin not only to build ambitious plans, but also to look for ways to implement them.

Aquamarine gives the owner reasonableness, which is also important for the romantic Aquarius. The stone stimulates mental activity, enhances creativity. The gem is responsible for mental balance, protects against stress, gives a good mood. For those prone to depression, Aquarius is just a godsend!

It is believed that aquamarine has a powerful relationship with the owner. The stone changes color due to the mood and health of the owner. If cats scratch their souls or the owner of the mineral has managed to get sick, the stone will immediately react to this by clouding. If the owner is healthy and cheerful, the mineral will remain light and continue to conquer others with its brilliance.

Aquarians for the most part suffer from a lack of determination, which does not allow them to achieve their goals. Also, representatives of the air element rarely can concentrate on the performance of one task. Amethyst will help to solve both problems. Thanks to this magnificent gem, Aquarius will be able to achieve career heights. Mineral:

Helps to direct energy to solving important issues;
reveal the potential of the owner;
teach you not to spray on secondary tasks.
Amethyst nourishes the positive features of the nature of Aquarius. Most representatives of this sign are good-natured to impossibility. The gem, which in itself has good energy, further strengthens this trait. At the same time, the amethyst will not allow you to circle the good host around the finger: it makes a person insightful. The gem will help to survive emotional trauma, relieve anxiety and doubt. The stone will show the way to the “soul mate”, and will help to ensure that love never ends.

The gem does not allow the owner to have a bad mood. Amethyst helps to get rid of stress and nervous strain. It eliminates insomnia. If you put the amulet under the pillow, then the dream will be sound, and good dreams are provided.

It is believed that the stone has a unique ability – eliminates alcohol dependence. Products with this kind of quartz are advised to be worn by those who have little knowledge of the measure in alcoholic beverages.

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