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A stone with a multifaceted soul

Nature gave man many unique stones, but the most multifaceted, perhaps, is onyx. Lithotherapists and magicians, jewelers and builders appreciate him … Yes, yes, it didn’t seem to you, it’s the builders: stone is used as a facing material. Onyx has many admirers among jewelry lovers: it is a real pleasure for an esthete to look at striped drawings on stone. Ready to get to know this handsome man better? Then let’s start!

Stone history

According to legend, the mineral has a divine origin. Once the son of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite frolic on the ground near a sleeping mother and accidentally cut off her fingernail with the tip of an arrow. But parts of the divine body cannot just rot in the earth. Therefore, the inhabitants of Olympus turned Aphrodite’s nail into a magnificent stone. So, without suspecting it, the goddess of love and beauty made people a luxurious gift. The stone received a name that recalls its origin: from the ancient Greek “onyx” is translated as “nail”.

The biblical legend is also associated with the stone. In ancient essays it is mentioned that there were no window openings at all in the temple of Solomon, but the walls of the holy monastery shone and shimmered, letting in the rays of the sun, which created a unique play of color. And all because they were made from onyx. Echoes of this legend influenced the architectural church fashion of the Middle Ages: onyx was often used to make mosaics, made thin plates from it, which replaced the glass on the windows.

In ancient times, onyx was considered a stone of rulers. They inlaid crowns, swords and wands. Of course, they made dishes from onyx and decorated palaces with them. Different nations have different relationships with striped stone. In some African countries, the gem was used instead of currency. But the Chinese for a long time avoided the stone, considering it a symbol of misfortune: it is true that now in the Middle Kingdom they have changed their anger to mercy.

Short description

Onyx is a semiprecious pebble. It is a type of quartz. Often confused with another representative of quartz – agate. However, it is possible to distinguish between these “relatives”: if the stripes and patterns are clear and parallel, it is onyx, if it is vague it is agate.

The stone is mined in Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan. There are almost opaque onyxes and those that easily transmit light. The stone, despite its hardness, is easy to process. This allowed the use of some varieties in construction, where onyx especially succeeded in the role of facing material. From inexpensive copies create interior trinkets – animal figures, candlesticks, etc. In the jewelry sector, naturally, they often turn to expensive species – those that are rare, or that have an interesting pattern.

Varieties of Onyx
Onyx stone has many varieties. They are united by the presence of stripes and patterns, but the color of each species has its own. A table will help you get acquainted with the varieties of onyx.


Distinctive features


Brown, deep red, orange and white stripes alternate


Tandem of white and gray lines

Three layer

A large number of burgundy red, milky white, sky blue thin lines


Background light aquamarine or pale pink


Dark (almost black) background, on which white blotches are clearly visible


Red and white patterns prevail

Onyx agate

On a gray background, light blotches


On the brown body multi-colored veins

Onyx common

It happens blue, blue, pink, light green and others, the main color is diluted with strips a couple of tones lighter

Healing properties

The value of onyx in alternative medicine is enormous. From ancient times, stone was used to eliminate pain. In ancient times, doctors believed that a mineral is able to pass pain through itself, and to give a person energy that will provide a surge of strength. Modern lithotherapists agree with their colleagues. They recommend daily putting the stone on the painful area and gently pressing. In just two days, the pain will disappear.

Onyx is capable of much in terms of health effects. Such skills are attributed to him:

boosts immunity;
lowers temperature;
relieves dizziness, migraine;
improves eyesight and hearing;
normalizes the work of the heart;
treats diseases of the liver and kidneys;
facilitates manifestations of rheumatism;
promotes wound healing.
Healing stone can help people with disorders of the nervous system. Mineral relieves insomnia, helps to overcome depression, recover from stress. It evens out the emotional background of a person, eliminates apathy. A piece of jewelry with a stone must be carried by people who are suicidal in their thoughts: a gem will help to cope with inner feelings and restore love to life.

Striped quartz should be acquired by men who suffer from problems with potency. The stone will restore male power.

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