Real emerald vs fakes
One of the most beautiful and mysterious gems is considered an emerald. Royal stone and stars adore magnificent stone. The mineral is considered a symbol of power, wealth and wisdom.…

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Trapic Emerald: the precious fellow countryman Pablo Escobar
Among the great variety of jewelry created by goldsmiths at all times, items inlaid with stones always occupy a special place. And this is not surprising. The minerals that are…

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Features of the choice of jewelry
Jewelry is most often made of gold, silver, platinum. As well as metals belonging to the platinum group (palladium, rhodium, iridium). Most often it is, of course, gold and silver.…

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How to make gold chains: 8 stages of the birth of a masterpiece

It’s hard to argue with the popularity of gold chains. Surely in each of your treasured caskets you will find one or several similar jewelry. They can look completely different depending on the type of weaving, style, weight and other factors. But such products are always universal, durable and loved. Have you ever wondered how gold chains are made? What path does a gold bar go to a jewelry store window? We offer to understand together.

The history of ancient decoration
Today we do not know for certain where the craftsman lived, who first came up with the idea to make links of precious metal and connect them together. It is not known what his name was. One thing is certain: it happened a very, very long time ago. Indeed, for the first time, fashionable gold chains appeared almost at the same time in Ancient Greece and in Ancient Egypt. True, the “fashionable” at that time was considered an exceptionally massive chain that only very wealthy men could afford.

It is believed that sun worshipers decorated themselves with yellow metal products in order to respect the deity and become like him. And the noble citizens of Greece and Egypt, as excavations testify, were always buried in full vestment: it included, among other things, the heaviest gold chains.

As time passed, and the “masculine” jewelry was chosen by the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Then the stylish gold chain became much thinner and lighter and, in general, approached the look that we know now. Then the girls fantasy came true, and women’s chains began to be worn not only as a separate piece of jewelry, but also as a basis for a pendant. And besides, a similar accessory was put on not only on the neck, but also on the arm, leg, and even weaved into the hairstyle.

Our chest decorations also existed among our closest ancestors. So, for example, until the 13th century in Russia it was fashionable to adorn yourself with the so-called “pendants”. So-called amulets made of metal or stone, which were hung on a chain.

Interestingly, the fashion for a particular link form was very variable. And only after a long time the most popular geometric figures were identified, from which the chain links were made. These were:

The question of how to make chains was then simply not asked: exclusively by hand. Of course, our ancient ancestor did not know any machines and mechanisms, and therefore each piece of jewelry was made of gold by a craftsman – a chain-linker. Including therefore the chain was perceived as a very expensive accessory. Very few could afford to pay the cost of the precious metal and chain link services, so in the Middle Ages such an ornament remained a constant symbol of wealth and high position in society for a long time.

As often happens, machine labor is much less valuable than manual labor. And therefore, the appearance of chain knitting machines partially solved the problem of the sky-high cost of gold jewelry.

France was the first country in which machine chain binding was put on stream. During the French Revolution (and this is the end of the 18th century), a machine for weaving chains was first made. He greatly simplified the production of jewelry and made it cheaper. Interestingly, the basis for the first machine was … a sewing machine. Specialists sought to make the machine repeat the movements of a person, a master – only, of course, making it faster and more perfect.

After a while, companies appeared that specialized specifically in the manufacture of such chain knitting machines. The business became profitable, and everyone was the winner: machine tool manufacturers, jewelers, and end-users.

Availability and prestige

Actually, only in the middle of the last century, gold jewelry became available to very many people. A variety of accessories made of the main precious metal adorned the images of fashionistas and women of fashion. And although today gold chains are deprived of the status that they had ten centuries ago, they still remain a prestigious and sought-after jewelry. There may be several reasons for this.

Symbolism of the circle. No matter how modern people we consider ourselves, somewhere deep in the subconscious, many still have faith in the signs that were important for our distant ancestors. The circle in the minds of the ancients is a symbol of the ideal and the most powerful amulet. A chain consists of many small circles, links that wrap around a neck in a large circle. The chain is thus protection. Even on a subconscious level.
Symbols of gold metal. Gold is a symbol of the sun. Remember how often in winter or on cloudy days we lack the warmth and light of our sun. Gold – the “representative of the Sun on Earth” – is able to make up for the lack of energy in the body, recharge you and give optimism and success.
Universality. There is no person to whom the gold chain would not go. There are simply none. Thin, thick, simple, fantasy, short, long – the choice is truly endless.

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