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The main thing is for the bracelet to sit: we determine the size of the main “manual” jewelry

A bright, attractive, alluring bracelet has long turned from a powerful amulet (and this is how our ancestors perceived it) into a familiar and very important accessory. He is equally loved by both women and men, and without this decoration it is difficult to imagine a stylish image. A laconic chain or a dozen exaggerated items in a gypsy style, gold or jewelry, complemented by a clasp or inlaid with precious stones – in any case, the bracelet must not only be worn correctly.

First of all, you need to be able to determine the size of the bracelet on your hand. Perhaps this is even more important than choosing the right decoration design for you. You see, even the most beautiful product can lose all its attractiveness as soon as you try it on yourself. And all because our personality, features of appearance and style of clothing directly affect how the accessory will look at us. The size of the hand for the bracelet is a very important parameter when choosing this jewelry. The correct definition of the girth of the wrist will help to ensure that your favorite accessory becomes an integral complement to your image.

How to choose the size of the bracelet? Your task is to achieve a middle ground: so that the product does not sit on the wrist either too tight or too loose. And believe me, this problem is completely solvable!

What are bracelets

It would seem that such a bracelet? Just a precious piece in the form of a “ring” that must be worn on the wrist. But not so simple. There are an incredible number of varieties of these accessories. What are they like?

Hard bracelets
Such “handcuffs” are usually made of any precious metal (most often, of course, gold and silver) and keep their shape perfectly. Such jewelry looks quite massive. But at the same time, they are extremely durable and wear-resistant. To lose, tear, deform such a bracelet is very difficult.

The appearance of hard bracelets is so attractive and elegant that there are more and more fans of such accessories. We can say that such jewelry is minimalistic by default: they are not encrusted with precious stones and gems. Such austerity and conciseness works great in a business image. But do not limit yourself to wearing hard bracelets only for work, because they will make the evening look much more charming and elegant.

Hard bracelets are divided into several varieties.

Closed. The hard rim looks very impressive. This jewelry also does not have a clasp, and the hand is simply freely threaded through the bracelet. By choosing one or more rims of different designs, you can create completely opposite images. Agree, one thin hard bracelet looks very minimalistic and emphasizes the fragility of a pretty hand. Such a bracelet will be appropriate in the office and on a date, for a walk and rest. But try decorating yourself with five to seven bracelets of different thicknesses and colors. A completely different effect awaits you! A competent combination of different textures of these accessories will allow you to look unusual and mysterious. It will be simply impossible to go past such a “highlight” in the image! The obvious minus of the rim is its fixed size. Do not want to bother with how to choose a bracelet by size? Then it’s better to immediately discard the rim.
Open. Such products do not have a fastener, and the size can vary for almost any arm. The versatility of the model makes it indispensable if you do not know how to measure the size of the wrist for the bracelet, or you did not succeed. In addition, an open bracelet – as a rule, the jewelry is quite concise. It will perfectly complement almost any image and will easily fit any jewelry of other types.
Articulated. For their manufacture, half rings are used, which are interconnected using a hinge and a lock. Hard bracelets have a fixed size, which is impossible to change. If you purchase the product “by eye”, for a gift, or haven’t bothered how to find out the size of the bracelet, you risk quite a lot when you buy it.
The snake. Such bracelets are also called springy. They look exactly as they are called – like a snake made of elastic (most often precious) metal. Elastic precious threads in the form of a spiral (snake) tightly wrap around the hand, and the size of the spiral is adjusted depending on the thickness of your wrist. A very convenient option! Fits perfectly into any look – be it a cocktail outfit or jeans with a basic white tank top.
Soft bracelets

This is a fundamentally different type of jewelry on hand. Even if you don’t know how to determine the size of a hand for a bracelet, with its soft variety you can “guess”. Well, if this did not work out – in some cases there is a chance that the master jeweler will be able to adjust the length of the bracelet to you according to your desire.

What types of soft bracelets are there?

Chain (or chains). It’s hard to imagine something more popular. Such bracelets are made in the manner of ordinary chains with links of various shapes and sizes.

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