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Gilding in the watch: everything you wanted to know about precious spraying

Gold-plated watches are a luxury accessory. Do you remember the fakes of “Rolexes” that flooded our market in the dashing nineties and quickly became a symbol of glamor and a pass to a “rich” life? Of course, who does not remember them! But unlike them, modern watches with gold plating can and should look elegant, solving the most important stylistic tasks. If you like gold jewelry and your color type goes well with yellow metal, then supporting the look by wearing a golden watch is a great idea. But many people are worried about the question: how to determine whether a gold watch or not? After all, remembering the old proverb, not all that glitters is gold. Let’s get it right.

Gilding: democracy in action
All-gold watches, that is, those in which both the case and bracelet are made of precious metal, are an expensive pleasure. But this is understandable. The price of gold continues to be quite high, and not everyone can afford to buy a fairly massive gold product. Jewelers have found a way out of this situation – a gold-plated watch.

Is it worth saving?
When deciding whether to spend money on gold-plated watches, many buyers are worried about the same questions:

how long is the gilt of the watch;
Does the gold plating provoke allergies or skin rashes?
what is the composition of gilding, is it safe;
if there are different ways of gilding, then how to choose the best of them;
How to care for gold-plated products, so as not to erase the top layer?
These questions are understandable, but the “defenders” of the gold-plated watches easily cite their main advantages as an example. Firstly, a special protective layer, which covers the gilding from above, makes it very scratch resistant and increases wear resistance. Secondly, it is a democratic alternative to watches made entirely of gold. The main disadvantage of gilding is its limited service life. Of course, men’s or women’s gold watches will last you much longer than gold-plated watches, no matter how carefully you wear them. The safety of the appearance of gilding depends on many factors:

How was the spraying performed?
what is the thickness of the gold coating;
how many layers of gold are applied to the product;
how do you wear the accessory: how often, carefully;
Do you care for your favorite jewelry?
Whatever option you choose, it is important that this is your conscious choice. You must know how to determine the gilding on the watch, and be sure that you have not sold a gilt accessory for the price of gold. The latter is not difficult to achieve: for this, it is enough to turn to trusted companies. Thus, online jewelry hypermarket guarantees its customers high quality of products sold, and the long-standing reputation of Ukraine’s largest retailer is still impeccable.

Gilding process

In jewelry, gilding is called coating a product with a thin layer of gold. Gilding protects the accessory from the negative effects of the environment, since this precious metal does not rust, does not oxidize and does not fade. In addition, the gilding layer “strengthens” the surface of the product. And finally, an important reason for gilding – giving the watch a luxurious aesthetic appearance.

There are a lot of types of spraying. The most common ones are:

ordinary gilding;
gilding by galvanic method;
PVD coating;
IPG coverage;
DLC coating.
Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

Plain Gilding
What it is. Yellow or pink gold, which is applied to the watch with a thin layer (about 4 microns).

Benefits. Low price, ease of manufacture. Such spraying can be performed not only as an independent service, but also, for example, during watch repair. This ends the list of benefits, because such a method is already considered outdated and is a thing of the past.

Disadvantages. Unfortunately, ordinary gilding is very short-lived. Gold is applied in the thinnest layer and is not protected in any way. So, you can wear your favorite watch for a maximum of a couple of years – then you will have to update the golden layer. In principle, you can extend the life of the product if you put on your favorite accessory not on a daily basis, but occasionally. And it is better not to combine it with clothes made of strong, rough fabric, which can leave miniscraps on gold.

What it is. The essence of this method is similar to the essence of the previous one, with only one difference. But substantial. A layer of gold covers the surface of the product using electroplating – that is, electric current. The electrolytic processes by which a non-gold object is coated with a thin layer of gold metal provide excellent protection against oxidation and destruction.

Benefits. The universality of the method. The master can get a gilded layer of different thicknesses. It is securely fixed on a non-gold accessory and is characterized by enviable wear resistance.

Disadvantages. The only disadvantage of electroplating today can also be considered its lack of modernity.

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