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Jewelry engraving, or how to personalize jewelry

Uniqueness in the trend. That is why many connoisseurs of jewelry want to make their favorite accessory special, to attach sacred meaning to it. To unify jewelry is simple: it was for this that the engraving of jewelry was invented. It allows you to personalize the jewelry, after which the model goes into the category of “exclusive”: indeed, no one else will have such an accessory! How is the engraving process going? What jewelry is suitable for using this technique? What to write on the accessory? Let’s try to find the answers to these questions!

Engraving history
Engraving products is not a new technique. In this way they decorated various things from dense materials before our era. Craftsmen removed the upper layer of material using a bronze cutter and applied various patterns. Engraving can decorate any metal, glass, leather, stone, wood.

This method of uniqueization has not been lost for centuries. It is actively used today to give a typical product personality. Engraved with handles, bags, wallets, dishes and, of course, jewelry.

Demand for original accessories has always been. In Europe, back in the Middle Ages, there was a fashion for rings with a special meaning. Engraving on the inside of the model gave individuality to the rings. A winged phrase, significant date or secret confession was usually carved on the product. So the decoration became truly personal.

Varieties of engraving: features and differences

In a modern world where individuality is valued above all, engraving on jewelry accessories is an incredibly sought-after service. The very essence of the way to uniqueize jewelry has not changed since ancient times: engraving on gold or silver involves the removal of the upper layer of metal and the subsequent application of a pattern or inscription. And here it becomes noticeable how far the engraving technology has stepped. Modern masters when applying a phrase on metal can use various devices. There are three main ways of applying engraving: manual, mechanical and using a laser. We’ll talk about them.

Hand engraving
Hand engraving on jewelry is a labor-intensive process that requires the master to be patient and precise in his movements. Drawing an inscription or drawing is carried out by a small steel cutter – a caliber. Jeweler translates a layer of metal of a certain depth and forms a pattern. You have to act as carefully as possible, otherwise you can simply spoil the product. This is truly subtle work.

Hand-drawn pattern has a characteristic relief, so this engraving is easy to recognize. Manually engraving on gold, silver and any precious metal can be carried out. Each handmade drawing is exclusive, exactly the same no longer exists: even if the master repeats the previously made engraving on another product, it will not be identical to the original source. Manual engraving is considered the most expensive, usually this method is used to decorate truly exclusive products. Complex artistic ornaments that require elaboration of details are manually applied.

Mechanical jewelry engraving cannot compete with the manual in depth and beauty of the picture, but this is an affordable way to uniqueize products. The mechanical method assumes that the inscription will be carried out using various hardware devices. Diamond engraving cutter is used for engraving jewelry. The cutter makes minimal recesses with four faces on the surface – expressive patterns are produced that play in the sun.

Not all products are suitable for mechanical engraving. Using the apparatus, it is easy to process a jewelry with a flat surface and a simple contour, but with other models it is more difficult: it is problematic to fix them reliably. Another disadvantage is that no equipment is able to feel the metal like a person. But the devices guarantee high rates of work, which is why mechanical engraving is most often addressed when creating gift and souvenir products. But exclusive jewelry accessories are given sacred meaning by other methods.

Laser engraving
The laser method of engraving appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to gain popularity. This method allows you to get on the jewelry as clear as possible, resembling a photograph. The modern method makes it possible to make ornaments and inscriptions of any complexity.

Laser engraving is carried out using a special machine. Dressing of a product is carried out by a laser beam. He does not cut patterns on the surface, but burns them out. The master places the accessory under the beam, sets the cutting depth, burning speed, beam power and other parameters on the machine, and then everything happens automatically.

This method allows you to quickly engrave the product. However, the durability of the drawing is inferior to those made by hand and even mechanically.

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