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How to choose the right ring size?

A ring is not just a stylish accessory, but a thing that defines the comfort of everyday activities.

For example, rings with massive inserts may interfere with typing on the keyboard. If, in addition to this, the size is chosen incorrectly, then the accessory will hang on your finger and cause discomfort. In this case, the only thing left is to put the jewelry on a shelf.

The choice of jewelry is a delicate matter. Buying jewelry is half the battle, but the ability to choose it is a whole art!

In this article, “Jewelry Card” will share tips that will help you correctly determine the size of the ring at home.

Why is it important to choose the right ring size?
No matter how outwardly you like the ring, it does not bring pleasure if you squeeze your finger. On the arm is constantly an irritant.

The medical aspect is also important. Too tight a ring compresses the veins, as a result – the blood supply to the finger is disturbed. In the future, because of this, problems with joints can occur.
If suddenly, on the contrary, the ring was too narrow, then visit a jewelry workshop. Using special tools, the master can increase the size of the ring (“roll” it), but this solution does not always work:

sometimes rings have a decorative element in the form of a path of stones. If you apply the technique of “rolling”, then the place of attachment of the stones will expand and the minerals will fall out;
rings with fancy and intricate elements will lose their original appearance after increasing in size. And not every jeweler will undertake such a procedure;
you can always cut off part of the ring and connect the place of cut with a piece of metal. The jeweler must be experienced and polish the jewelry with high accuracy, otherwise the inserted area will stand out in the rim of the jewelry;
On the Internet, users post texts and videos on how to independently increase the ring. Do not immediately repeat them. Indeed, experienced jewelers are mistaken;
even in the most famous workshops, count on a maximum increase in the ring by only 1.5-2 sizes.
What you need to know in order to choose the right ring size?
There are several criteria that can help you make the right choice with such a wonderful thing as a gold ring:

features of the structure of the fingers (an important role is played by the thickness, length and presence of noticeable prominent phalanges on the fingers);
ring width. This characteristic is closely related to the length of the fingers. On outstretched graceful fingers, a narrow ring inappropriately looks.
Selection of rings with a fitting in the store
Fingers may swell during the day. This is a normal physiological process, so do not try on jewelry immediately after waking up.

The thickness of the fingers may change after active physical exertion. Therefore, there are some nuances that should be considered when choosing a ring:

Decide which finger the decoration is for. It is not always possible to buy a ring for both hands. The peculiarity of the human body is that the fingers of the dominant hand (left-handed and right-handed, respectively) are larger in size. In some cases, the difference is one and a half sizes;
It is necessary to take into account the conditions of the fitting. For example, it’s cold outside, and you go into a warm room. This is sure to affect the condition of the hands. Another situation is possible. It’s hot outside, and you went into the room where the air conditioning works. It is necessary to stay for some time in a room with changing temperature conditions;
Always achieve acceptable fixation of the ring on the hand. In this case, the ring will be in a static position. Otherwise, a situation will arise in which the ring will constantly collapse. The insert can prick your finger, cling to clothes. This will cause discomfort;
Thin rings are not as whimsical as thick rings or, for example, wide engagement rings. Always add half the size to your finger thickness, otherwise the ring will be difficult to remove from your hand.
How to determine the size of the ring yourself?
In stores there are special devices for measuring the thickness of the fingers – “finger gauges”. This device allows you to set the size of a finger in a matter of minutes.

If you choose a ring at home or order online, then you can use the simple calculation procedure.
Imagine, you could not order a ring of the right size. The very first problem that may arise is emotional.

The ring has an extremely cute simple design, you feel comfortable with it. But due to the wrong size, you still have to send it back, which will probably spoil the mood.

Suppose you still liked the ring, but its design is not simple, but artsy, with an abundance of inserts. Or is it a ring of eccentric form. To understand how comfortable it sits, you can only with the decoration, which has the correct size.

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