Heart of the Ocean

Jewelry for the bride
A wedding celebration is a great moment in the life of any woman. And on such a beautiful day, no doubt, I want to look just great. Everything should be…

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The story, frozen in stone
Amber is a sunny stone. Perhaps, it is under such a “code name” that this gem has been known for many long and long years. Years and decades pass, fashion…

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World of precious metals
Many centuries ago, people noticed that some metals are different from "relatives". They shine brighter, do not rust, and even after years do not change their original appearance. Such metals…

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Clasp in a million: choose earrings with a high-quality lock

If you try to create a jewelry rating, various types of earrings in this top will surely be in the first or second places. This is not surprising: sometimes we pierce the ears of infants who have not yet reached even a year. And the choice of both female and male jewelry for “adult” ears can only be envied. Without exaggeration, you can find for yourself such earrings as you want. And one more. And further.

And here, beautiful women, blinded by the beauty of an accessory they like, often have one very insidious effect. Agree, as a rule, we only think about one thing: what will it look like? Will a new accessory decorate me? No words: this is really the most important question. But he is far from the only one. The second, as if arising from the first, should certainly be the following: what is the earring clasp that I liked? Will it be convenient and reliable? There are no particular difficulties here. It is simply important for you to find a balance. Is the fastener too tight? Inconveniently. Too loose? Dangerously. Truth, as often happens, is somewhere in between.

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Pearls – the courtesy of queens: how to wear pearl jewelry

Since the incomparable Coco Chanel has revived the fashion for pearl jewelry, there has been an ongoing debate about how to wear pearl jewelry. Someone is afraid of ancient superstitions that scare us that wearing this organic gem is a tear. Someone is worried that the image with pearl jewelry will easily add to its owner a dozen or two years. Well, someone just admires the stylish bows of Angelina Jolie and other celebrities, sighing, that they really know how to wear pearls.

History of Pearl Jewelry
It is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to a pearl necklace or earrings. A reverent attitude to this unique stone is even in our language: it is not for nothing that something refined, a real treasure, standing out from the general series of objects of the same type, we call a pearl. In addition, pearls are perhaps the only stone that does not need to be processed. He is born into the light, grows, attached to the sink. And when the turn comes to become an ornament, the jeweler does not carry out any additional manipulations. Yes, and why? After all, every pearl is perfection in itself. Continue reading

Jewelry Shine Secrets

What is important when choosing jewelry accessories? Price, quality, design – each buyer has his own selection criteria. But the first thing that a person who has crossed the threshold of a jewelry store pays attention to is how attractively the accessories placed on the window sparkle. Before a jewelry made of precious metal gets into the salon, it goes through many stages of production. The key task of the master is not only to bring to life an interesting idea, but also to make the accessory shine. We will tell you what polishing, tumbling and polishing of gold products are, and we will teach tricks that will prevent the radiance of your jewelry from fading over the years.

How jewelers achieve brilliance of jewelry
Jewelry making is a lengthy process. First, an idea is born – a sketch. Then the accessory is cast from gold or silver (give the material a specific shape). But the working process does not end there: in the foundry, only the first stage of production is completed. It is further important that the bends become soft and the surface sparkling. Continue reading

The main thing is for the bracelet to sit: we determine the size of the main “manual” jewelry

A bright, attractive, alluring bracelet has long turned from a powerful amulet (and this is how our ancestors perceived it) into a familiar and very important accessory. He is equally loved by both women and men, and without this decoration it is difficult to imagine a stylish image. A laconic chain or a dozen exaggerated items in a gypsy style, gold or jewelry, complemented by a clasp or inlaid with precious stones – in any case, the bracelet must not only be worn correctly.

First of all, you need to be able to determine the size of the bracelet on your hand. Perhaps this is even more important than choosing the right decoration design for you. You see, even the most beautiful product can lose all its attractiveness as soon as you try it on yourself. And all because our personality, features of appearance and style of clothing directly affect how the accessory will look at us. The size of the hand for the bracelet is a very important parameter when choosing this jewelry. The correct definition of the girth of the wrist will help to ensure that your favorite accessory becomes an integral complement to your image. Continue reading

For centuries: how stones are fixed in jewelry

In precious jewelry there are no trifles. Starting from the choice of metal, the method of manufacturing the product, its design, the choice of fastener – each stage of the process is most significant for obtaining the perfect result in the final. One of these critical phases is the insertion of a stone into a ring, pendant, bracelet or earring. Not only the appearance of the resulting jewelry depends on the skill of the jeweler, his skill and imagination, but also his durability and comfort in wearing.

Fixing jewelry stones: how it happens
They say that there are no comrades for the taste and color. It’s hard to disagree with this: someone likes a thin gold rim, and someone gives a massive ring in which one large and several small diamonds flaunts. But nevertheless, according to the observations of experts of the online jewelry store Gold.ua, it is jewelry that is inlaid with gems that are most popular. So that the stones reliably “sit” in their nests and at the same time shine with all their beauty, the so-called stone fixing is used in jewelry making – that is, the process by which the stones are fixed in the precious metal and do not fall out of it. There are quite a few varieties of this process. Three main parameters depend on the choice of a particular method: Continue reading

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